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iPhone Concert – iPad Accompaniment

This is one of the best mobile device musical concerts I’ve seen yet!

Happy Holidays~


Some Declare iPhone as the Ultimate Tool for Mobile REALTORS!

Some Declare iPhone as the Ultimate Tool for Mobile REALTORS!

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What mobile technology is considered the best in the industry, and the best in the field? Many claim that the battle between iPhone and Blackberry is one that will be debated for eternity.  Industry Professionals in Real Estate may be leaning more toward the iPhone as the ultimate mobile technology tool of the future.

Revision3 Internet Televison Reviews FaceBook for iPhone

Revision3 Internet Television Reviews FaceBook for iPhone

See updates and new features of FaceBook for the iPhone.  If you use social media networking, then you’ll love these new features and upgrades.  When every Facebook user owns an iPhone, we’ll all be able to talk for FREE.  I can tell you that every iPhone use has a FaceBook page, at least they will after watching this video.

The iPhone 3Gs – Will It Blend

Before you watch this video, you should be warned that if you are an extreme iPhone lover and jealous that you don’t own one, you better not watch this video.  This is also NOT something you should ever try at home.

We think this phone that blends sold for $50.00 on eBay.

Create an iPhone Business Card

Create an iPhone Business Card for iPhone and Your Business

Here’s a sample of an iPhone Business Card that you can customize and create for your iPhone.  This is a great tool for friends, family, clients, or any iPhone owner.  To create your own business card for the iPhone, contact, and tell them Brad Andersohn sent you.  Having an iPhone business card could be one of the best tools to have right now in a Social Media and On-line Networking World.

iPhone App Goes James Bond

Now this takes the iPhone to a whole NEW level. Seeing is believing. Check out the new remote control app for your car available from itunes and the appstore. This is a first and revolutionary for any phone on the market.

Touch Meeting iPhone App – AppVee Review

Touch meeting is a FREE app for the iPhone. See what has to say.