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iPhone IOS 5 Twitter Ready

Now that the iPhone IOS 5 is Twitter ready

What impact will this have on the failing blue whale showing up from time to time?

There are so many users on Twitter now, add to that the multitude of iPhone and iPad users out there, it seems inevitable that the blue whale strung by the little birds may be making an appearance again in the days ahead… or maybe not?


iPhone + Musicians = iMusic

Amplitute iRig for the iPhone – iFun!

iPhone Concert – iPad Accompaniment

This is one of the best mobile device musical concerts I’ve seen yet!

Happy Holidays~

Stanford University – The iPhone’s Musical Global Connection

Use iPhone to Get Buyers to Closing Table

Use your iPhone to get buyers to the closing table faster

Mobile technology isn’t the future, it’s NOW, and it’s a MUST!  The iPhone is dominating the mobile technology and social media marketing/advertising arenas with some of the most powerful and useful tools ever introduced in the modern age. The new trend of generation X,Y,Z, and any other gens… IS MOBILE!

TOUR NARRATOR is a tool that allows you to capture and recap showings instantly on your iPhone:

  • Capture buyer feedback on key properties as you get it, using photos, notes, and audio
  • Tour comments and photos are published to a PDF and can be used on any website
  • Clients can then browse through properties toured and remember what they liked or didn’t about each
  • High tech, impressive service that reduces questions, boosts confidence, and gets buyers committed more quickly

Revision3 Internet Televison Reviews FaceBook for iPhone

Revision3 Internet Television Reviews FaceBook for iPhone

See updates and new features of FaceBook for the iPhone.  If you use social media networking, then you’ll love these new features and upgrades.  When every Facebook user owns an iPhone, we’ll all be able to talk for FREE.  I can tell you that every iPhone use has a FaceBook page, at least they will after watching this video.

Are You On The iPhone?

Well you should be. Having your app on the iPhone may be one of the most cost-effective marketing tools you could have for your business. (Even If You Don’t Own or use an iPhone) The amount of apps available including downloads increases daily on iTunes and at the app store.

Imagine creating an application for the iPhone that is interactive with your clients?  By giving it away for free, you will certainly increase exposure and grow business.  By selling the app for .99 cents and getting one million downloads, well… either way it’s a success.  This one is a no-brainer!