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Some Declare iPhone as the Ultimate Tool for Mobile REALTORS!

Some Declare iPhone as the Ultimate Tool for Mobile REALTORS!

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What mobile technology is considered the best in the industry, and the best in the field? Many claim that the battle between iPhone and Blackberry is one that will be debated for eternity.  Industry Professionals in Real Estate may be leaning more toward the iPhone as the ultimate mobile technology tool of the future.


Use iPhone to Get Buyers to Closing Table

Use your iPhone to get buyers to the closing table faster

Mobile technology isn’t the future, it’s NOW, and it’s a MUST!  The iPhone is dominating the mobile technology and social media marketing/advertising arenas with some of the most powerful and useful tools ever introduced in the modern age. The new trend of generation X,Y,Z, and any other gens… IS MOBILE!

TOUR NARRATOR is a tool that allows you to capture and recap showings instantly on your iPhone:

  • Capture buyer feedback on key properties as you get it, using photos, notes, and audio
  • Tour comments and photos are published to a PDF and can be used on any website
  • Clients can then browse through properties toured and remember what they liked or didn’t about each
  • High tech, impressive service that reduces questions, boosts confidence, and gets buyers committed more quickly