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Get Blog or Website Stats on iPhone

Get Blog or Website Stats on your iPhone

Get Clicky has a great iPhone browser interface that allows you to check your Blog or Website Analytics right from your iPhone.  While you’re mobile and on the go, you can check out some of the following stats and information:

Having access to information regarding your online sites and presence while out and about can be a real convenience and time saver.  Although this is not an iPhone application, it is a very useful tool for those who want to keep up and track their online social networking and media marketing efforts.


Are You On The iPhone?

Well you should be. Having your app on the iPhone may be one of the most cost-effective marketing tools you could have for your business. (Even If You Don’t Own or use an iPhone) The amount of apps available including downloads increases daily on iTunes and at the app store.

Imagine creating an application for the iPhone that is interactive with your clients?  By giving it away for free, you will certainly increase exposure and grow business.  By selling the app for .99 cents and getting one million downloads, well… either way it’s a success.  This one is a no-brainer!

Create an iPhone Business Card

Create an iPhone Business Card for iPhone and Your Business

Here’s a sample of an iPhone Business Card that you can customize and create for your iPhone.  This is a great tool for friends, family, clients, or any iPhone owner.  To create your own business card for the iPhone, contact, and tell them Brad Andersohn sent you.  Having an iPhone business card could be one of the best tools to have right now in a Social Media and On-line Networking World.

How To Crop Photos on iPhone

Yes, you can crop photos and screen captured images on the iPhone.

Here’s how.

STEP ONE: To capture any screen image on the iPhone, press and hold the menu button down, then press the power button one time. This captures any screen image and saves the image to your photos library.

STEP TWO: To resize the image, use your fingers on the screen to zoom in on the image or photo to the exact size you want cropped. Now repeat step one and you have a cropped image that is saved to your photo library without losing your original.

Here’s a sample of a photo image taken on the iPhone, cropped using STEP ONE and then posted to this blog using only the iPhone.

iPhone App Goes James Bond

Now this takes the iPhone to a whole NEW level. Seeing is believing. Check out the new remote control app for your car available from itunes and the appstore. This is a first and revolutionary for any phone on the market.

Touch Meeting iPhone App – AppVee Review

Touch meeting is a FREE app for the iPhone. See what has to say.

How to Post Video on Youtube from Your iPhone

Dave from Youtube explains just how easy it is to add video from your phone on to You can also play your youtube videos on your iPhone as well. The new 3Gs iPhone has a new feature that allows you to upload your video in a single click.