iTunes App Store – 25 Billion Downloads

iPhone IOS 5 Twitter Ready

Now that the iPhone IOS 5 is Twitter ready

What impact will this have on the failing blue whale showing up from time to time?

There are so many users on Twitter now, add to that the multitude of iPhone and iPad users out there, it seems inevitable that the blue whale strung by the little birds may be making an appearance again in the days ahead… or maybe not?

iPhone + Musicians = iMusic

Amplitute iRig for the iPhone – iFun!

iPhone Concert – iPad Accompaniment

This is one of the best mobile device musical concerts I’ve seen yet!

Happy Holidays~

Stanford University – The iPhone’s Musical Global Connection

Starbucks Coffee – Now Pay with iPhone

Ever get to Starbucks needing that cup of java and forget your wallet, purse, or Starbucks card?  Now you can pay for your “cup-o-Jo” with your iPhone.  Starbucks and the app store have teamed up to bring you an app that will actually let you pay like a credit card for any purchases made at Starbucks.

Just download the application, enter your Starbucks Card number and your iPhone™ ‘becomes’ your Starbucks Card (showing a barcode you hold up at the checkout to pay).
With the application, you not only have the ability to pay at your nearest Target® Starbucks store with your phone, but you can also register your card, check your balance, reload it using your credit card, and enjoy rewards like free brewed coffee refills.

Now you can pay using the Starbucks Card Mobile App on your iPhone™/iPod touch® at your nearest Starbucks location in Target® stores. It’s revolutionary. It’s fast. So fast you could probably call, pay and sip all in one go.

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AppStoreHQ Now Offers Personalized iPhone App Recommendations

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Image by Getty Images via Daylife

AppStoreHQ just released a new feature that they think you’ll like: they’ve turned AppStoreHQ + Twitter into the biggest “social recommendations” engine for iPhone apps on the web.

AppStoreHQ now offers personalized iPhone app recommendations to anyone who tweets about iPhone apps, in any language, anywhere in the world. These recommendations are based on the largest set of social data about iPhone apps outside of iTunes itself, a dataset that grows every time someone, somewhere tweets about their new favorite app.

How do you get your own set of personalized iPhone app recommendations? It’s easy:

* Tweet about the apps you love
* Include the iTunes link (or a link to the AppStoreHQ detail page for the app) – shortened URLs are expected and work just fine
* Make sure to include *one* of the following keywords / hashtags in your tweet:

+ iPhone / #iPhone
+ iPhone app / #iPhoneapp
+ iPhone apps / #iPhoneapps
+ AppStoreHQ / #AppStoreHQ

* Visit your personal page on AppStoreHQ anytime to view your current recommendations (we turn new tweets into structured data every hour or so and update our recommendation calculations daily)
* Just log in and click the Profile link in the upper-right hand corner

In addition to recommendations by person, they’ve also turned their social recommendations engine on its side to offer information about each application. Love a particular app and want to see who else shares your views? Look for the “Fans” photostrip on any AppStoreHQ app detail page. You can click through to view each person’s recent app-related tweets and recommendations and, if you like their style, visit their Twitter profile to follow them directly.

AppStoreHQ is incredibly excited about this new capability and they hope you are too. You can learn more about this new feature set on their blog. If you have suggestions or questions about our new social recommendations feature (or anything else), just email them at

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